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Colossal Banner Stand
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Introducing the HUGE, light-weight, inexpensive, Display Banner Stand.
  • The incredible Colossal is a fully adjustable indoor banner stand
  • Easy to set up makes it portable or permanent
  • Single or double-sided graphics
  • Telescopic poles adjust to a variety of sizes to allow for
    custom-sized graphics
  • Sturdy assembly for stability
  • Easy to store and transport in nylon bag
  • Great for Trade Shows, In-Store Promotions, Board Rooms, Product Launches, Demonstrations, Event Venues, Merchandising Support, P.O.P. Advertising and more. custom-sized graphics

Visual Graphic Area: The Colossal up to 96” x 96”
and the Colossal Max up to 90” x 115” For Material FINAL Size

(Add 8" bleed to top and bottom)

Another configuration is to use only the top portion and have the graphics raised off of the floor.

The solution to your reproduction requirements.
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